The front office area is online acces to your personal TAC account. Through this feature your can do all of the following:

View your invoice
Make changes to your personal information
Make payments
Add students
Add or drop classes

This area is different from the team members’ area. Please follow the steps below in order to access the front office account manager:

1. Click on the "Parent Login" icon
2. Type in the email address that you provided us with on your registration paperwork (if you have not provided us with one you CANNOT access this area and must email with your full name and email before you can proceed)
3. Click the “forgot password” icon
4. A temporary password has been sent to your email address above (you can change this once you login)
5. Once you check you temporary password, follow steps 1-2, then enter your email address and temporary password and click “login”
You are now looking at your online account!



1. Click on the "Create Account" icon
2. Enter your information throughout the registration process
3. Once finished your personal information will be stored into our system. You will be able to access it later by following the instructions for current TAC members.




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