Welcome to Texas Allstar Cheer!

Our Mission is to promote and teach the sport of cheer, developing athletes to their highest potential in a positive environment while encouraging discipline, commitment, integrity.
  We offer a variety of competitive cheer teams, tumble classes as well as after-school training and summer skills camp programs! 


AllStar Cheerleading



Thank you for your interest in the Texas Allstar Cheer program.  Our objective is to provide the best, most disciplined training in the cheerleading industry.  We teach our athletes to excel in all areas of cheerleading. Our primary goal to develop the best squads possible, as well as instill qualities and values that last a lifetime!

If you are currently looking for an AllStar program, please take a minute to read over all the information regarding the TAC program.  If you have any further questions, please contact the gym.

Texas AllStar Cheer closely follows USASF guidelines for AllStar Levels 1-7.  Please read over the required skills for each level to better understand what TAC is looking for in its athletes.


Allstar Team Tryouts:

We are excited to start our 15th season during these unprecendeted times! We plan on having our allstar tryouts starting May 28th - 30th, 2020. Please check back frequently as we release more information including times, levels and packet information!

Tryout Packet availble: 2020 Allstar Tryout Packet

Date: We are aiming for May 28th, levels will be divided over the days and times would be staggered in accordance to county guidelines.

Attire: Black sports bra/top and black spandex/short

You can turn in your tryout packet via email or drop off at the gym during our hours or during tryouts once we announce times. Levels will be staggered and times will be announced once the May 18th shelter in place expires.

AllStar Novice welcomes athletes moving up from fundamental stages of cheerleading, or perhaps athletes with some previous cheer experience. The program continues to build a love for AllStar, while focusing on skill-building and growth in a low-pressure, environemnt! Athletes will practice once a week for 2.5 hours.

AllStar Novice is ideal for athletes who:

  • Are ready to transition from fundamentals to team performances that are evaluated at events
  • Are coming to your program with at least some cheer experience, possibly from a rec or youth program
  • Might be more successful on an AllStar Novice team than an AllStar Prep or AllStar Elite team





AllStar Prep is perfect for the athlete ready to take it to the next level! Introducing a competitive environment drives excellence in skill building.

AllStar Prep is ideal for athletes who:

  • Are ready to transition from AllStar Novice to a more competitive team atmosphere with limited tumbling
  • Are coming to your program with cheer experience, possibly from a rec or youth program, or transferring from another AllStar program
  • Are interested in a competitive team with less time and cost commitment than is required for AllStar Elite





The highest performance level that AllStar cheer has to offer!

AllStar Elite is ideal for athletes who:

  • Are ready to transition from AllStar Novice and/or AllStar Prep to a high performance level
  • Are coming to TAC's program with intense cheer training and solid technical ability.
  • Athletes will practice twice a week one 2.5 hours and one 2 hour practice with additional Saturday practices spread throughout the season.